Woohoo! We called her as BINGO!


Whenever somebody asks me that, am I a dog person or cat person? I always answer that I give a high preference to dogs. I do like cats but I never rate them over dogs. During the winter holidays, my inclination towards favouritism took a sharp rise or I must say that it has got reignited. I am telling all you bingo lovers of an article which I found on the internet and I found it worth sharing. The article was about a young lad in the country Canada who had a dog whose name he has kept as bingo! That boy may not be a celebrity on TV or big screen world but for me, he is definitely a superstar!

The boy was diagnosed with a rare disease that made him virtually stop breathing. One of the solutions suggested by the doctors was that his family bought him a service dog few years back for help making sure that he was breathing well to survive. No wonder dogs are known for loyalty to its master and it did his job marvellously for five years. According to his family members, it in fact saved his life on numerous occasions. His father said there was more than one instance in which his son owed his life to the dog whose name was BINGO. When his boy stopped breathing, BINGO would bark until someone arrived and saved her.

It’s no eighth wonder that dogs can be trained with amazing tricks and tasks, and according to me cats are far less trainable. The nature was cruel to her dog and it was diagnosed with some acute problems. The Veterinarians said that it has only a few weeks to live. So, its master decided that it was his turn to do something extra special for BINGO. He created a bucket list for dogs which consists of all the things that they needed to do together for one last time before Bingo went to the Heavens. So, are you doing anything for others this year, check your bucket list now!



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