Study of Addiction Risks of Online Gambling in UK

Study of Addiction Risks of Online Gambling in UK

The affects of online gambling seems to be spreading out in various directions. Off late, there has been a certain demand in regards to online gambling being scrutinized by academics for its risk of addiction. And, the reason is due to the increasing political pressures over the harmful effects of betting.

Betting groups is helping fund research into the potential social dangers of machines called fixed-odds betting terminals for casino and slot games like roulette and blackjack. They are making healthy profits for brands like Ladbrokes and William Hill that are viewed with deep suspicion by the Labour and Liberal Democrat politicians that exploit the poor. The charity the government has used to commission the research on the fixed odd betting terminals says that it intends to widen the scope to cover specific areas like social gaming, online gambling, gambling advertising and even the impact of gambling on younger people.

According to the Responsible Gambling Trust, they stated that this might generate evidence to help in informing about the social impact of gambling. The RGT Excecutive Marc Etches stated that it is important to have an honest opinion about gambling. The government continues to await the findings of the FoBT research that is likely to be completed next year, before the deciding on imposing restrictions. However, the RGT has also planned for raising funds to start commissioning research on other areas as well. The betting groups are more concerned about the RGT is researching that has boosted the growth of the industry in the recent years. They will help to fund the work and as per the FoBT research, they would also provide confidential data about their practices. Already, they seem to be facing government pressures after the 15% tax on gross profits on online gambling implemented that would come to effect in December’2014. However, some industry leaders have pointed out for studies to be carried out by the previous government who have stated that online gambling in UK is not that bad as some assume it to be.



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