Mobile and Tablet Bingo is the Latest Version of Bingo Play

Mobile and Tablet Bingo is the Latest Version of Bingo Play

When you think about bingo play, the first and foremost thing that will strike your mind is old men and women crowded at bingo halls, drinking sherry at the Welsh valleys. However, the scene does not remain anymore – things have changed entirely from the time online bingo has boarded into the gaming scene. In fact games are not limited just to computers and laptops anymore and have moved on to smart phones and tablets. Yes, of course the mobile bingo boom has set in leaps and bounds and as a result to it we can see the rate at which bingo companies are channeling their time and money in creating different types of bingo apps to stay ahead in the competition. This has in fact become one of the most popular forms of bingo gaming as customers can get the latest information about bingo in these portable devices.

Mobile bingo is increasing in leaps and bounds and it is expected to take up 30% of the market by 2015. Not just this, but the revenue expected by 2015 is of $100 billion. This is a market that shows no indication of slowing down and therefore, it is no surprise that companies like Apple and Android are coming up with new portable technology to maximize game play.

With 3G on your smart phone, you can use internet from the place of your choice – so the option of mobile bingo gaming gives completely accessibility. The new Ipad mini is 7’’ in diameter and that could easily fit in a large trouser pocket. Currently with the competition heating up amongst between companies, it would not be surprising if other brands like Samsung and Microsoft follow the same way. In the latest bingo summit the major names included were Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Ladbrokes, Paddy Power and a lot more huge companies. It has gone ahead to become one of the most popular betting names in the gaming market.

The real thing about playing bingo online is that it is full of fun by putting in some low stakes and as a return to it you can get some really nice winnings. Moreover with an option like this – playing bingo via phone makes it even more feasible to join in for the game play. Well, bingo games no longer are a game for the older generation but the game currently is for everyone who wish to indulge in fun, chat, wins and real big money wins. In December, 2012 a player John Orchard won £5.8 million by placing a bet of 30p on a wheel of fortune – Isn’t that great!



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