Loyalty Scheme Launched by rank Group to Boost Online Presence

Loyalty Scheme Launched by rank Group to Boost Online Presence

Rank Group is one of the leading names in European gaming business. Brands operating under the Rank Group are well known for entertaining more than 2.5 million customers every year via online and 140 licensed venues and mobile gaming sites as well. The brand “Rank Group” is well known for encouraging a responsible approach to gambling.

At present, the Rank Group is hoping to utilize its strong land based presence that would further help it to increase its online profile. They have announced of setting up a loyalty program that will help players to visit the land based casinos and to collect points that can be further used online. The CEO of Rank Group, Ian Burke stated “the crossover between online and clubs” gives the group a huge opportunity to increase its revenues. According to Burke, the 55 casinos in UK give it great potential to help it become natural winners in the online market.

Recent statistics have stated that 4.6% of Rank customers in UK have engaged in online gambling. Therefore, to improve the situation the group has come up with a new scheme called the Play Points scheme. As per this scheme, players will be allowed to grab points for playing and dining at venues and these points they can further use whilst playing online at any of the gaming brands that belongs to Rank.

Burke has further stated that they are also planning to re-introduce their sports betting. Sports’ betting is a well known product consumed by a lot many players, enjoying a good amount of reputation. Therefore, Rank Group intends to utilize the potential of the games and plans to come up with something. However, currently they are not ready with anything.



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