Is Social Media Enticing Below 18 to Indulge in Gambling? (Part 1)

Is Social Media Enticing Below 18 to Indulge in Gambling (Part 1)

A news which was related to social media giant Facebook has rocked the gambling industry of the entire planet. The social media giant has been accused of creating our future generations into addictive online gambling by rolling out real money via different online casino games. There was a signing of a lucrative deal with online gaming company 888 with Facebook. The deal said that there is an offering of top rated Las Vegas as well as UK gambling style slot machines and games such as roulette, blackjack, bingo etc. This massive but controversial move has been a sign of a major expansion of its gambling sites. Via using their credit or debit card, gamers will be able to place up to a mammoth £500 which includes assurance of jackpots worth tens of thousands of pounds.

Most of the perks penned above will be available only in the UK as gaming laws in the UK are much more flexible when compared to the US. With heavy criticism, the big bosses of Facebook and 888 has come to the rescue of themselves by broadcasting safeguards to prevent minors from accessing these games. These include thorough checking of the credit card details used against both the player’s Facebook profile and the electoral register. The big question is; are there any steps to resist our children logging on to their parents’ accounts and using card details which in most of the houses are already stored on the family computer even though it doesn’t possess monetary value.

The glitch doesn’t halts here as the day when our children will turn 18, all these premier bingo brand via social networking site will start bombarding with adverts for real money gambling games in which bingo leads the rat race. You will be stunned to know that Facebook has over three million UK users aging between 13 and 17. Shock shoots up to the next level when a further one million are believed to be under 13 and pretending to be over that age. With all these crooked ways, it can be easily encountered of playing the free slot and bingo games which the bingo pundits says can form gambling habits as they replicate the thrill of hitting the jackpot.

There are lots more to be explained, keep reading………..

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