Importance of a Live Bingo Caller

Importance of a Live Bingo Caller

Imagine how a bingo game would be without a bingo caller. Most of us feel that the role of a caller is pretty simple, as they just have to call out the numbers. But, believe it’s not that easy! A bingo caller can make or break a game. A lot many bingo sites have switched on to the option of having live bingo callers as that adds an extra touch of extra realism to the games. In the past a lot many bingo sites used the option of the recorded bingo callers. In the past, there have been circumstances when bingo players get so excited that bingo callers need to wear bulletproof vests. In UK, there has been talk of replacing live bingo callers from the bingo halls with automated voices.

A lot many bingo players are not in favour of having automated bingo callers. Most bingo players do not prefer the option of having automated bingo callers. According to a lot many players, the social aspect of the game is more important than anything else; therefore they consider the presence of live very imperative. In certain bingo halls, callers have achieved something like a cult status. Also, there is something nice to share that some of you might find it interesting. The movie star Russell Crowe had started as a live bingo caller in New Zealand. Crowe was fired as he could not resist from making a few alterations in the bingo game. It was told that Russell used ruder versions of the bingo calls. However, now he always checks out the local venue when he moves down in a new place.

There are pros and cons connected with everything, so same is the case with a live bingo caller too. In humans there is a tendency of making a mistake, but it is impossible for a computerized automated caller to make a mistake. A mechanical caller cannot add to the level of entertainment as that of a live caller. In fact a woman had stated that she had suffered abuse from a local caller on making three mistakes during a game. There were statements made like “common” “it’s your job” and “get your eyes checked”. Some players have used words even worse than this. So, it’s certainly a tough job for a bingo caller. However, again, if there is anything or nay issue, one can directly converse with a live bingo caller and the same is not possible with a mechanical bingo caller. Also, they can add a sense of humour that is not possible with mechanical callers.



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