Hidden Facts of Bingo Bonus (Part 2)

Hidden Facts of Bingo Bonus (Part 2)

Here is the last part…..I hope you must have been curious about it because the prequel of this blog has created a lot of suspense.

Can the players redeem their bonus money as cash? The answer is surprisingly, NO. This is because deposits, winnings and bonus money are always considered separately. Here, follows a professional chronological order and i.e., Winnings are always spent first; deposits second and bonus last. On most of the bingo sites, the deposits are not redeemable. You can also lose a bit or your entire bonus when your winnings are redeemed. Most of the sites either penalize your bonus money or reset it to null when you cash in your winnings. One of the biggest worry is the expiry of bonuses. It is not possible for every player to wager with bonus amount. The list of reasons can be endless. Unfortunately, some sites set the expiry period of the bonuses. It can be deposit bonuses as well as chat game bonuses. The expiry period can be mere thirty days.

The above information doesn’t reflect that online bingo sites are an image of corruption. This is a simple business strategy because online bingo industry needs profit to stand and deliver. They also run other promotions, which allow you to play on the stage where you experience enthralling competition. In these games, not only you can walk away with cash, but you can also find yourselves in the spectrum of winning some superb prizes like all expenses paid vacations, event tickets, and many more. Without any doubt, the bingo bonus has proved itself as a confidence booster for the newbie as well as experienced players in this industry.



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