Cyber Extortionists Target the I-Gaming Companies

Cyber Extortionists Target the I-Gaming Companies

Has it ever happened, that whilst you are enjoying your favourite internet bingo games and all of a sudden the game speed slows down or you are denied access to the entrance of a site? In such a scenario, it is possible that your favourite internet bingo site has become a victim of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack. The internet is a wonderful feature but unfortunately a lot many people exploit its vulnerabilities. In case of DDoS attacks across gaming sites, the motive is extortion.

Cyber extortion is a common activity these days. This is not dedicated just to the gaming sector but in eCommerce sectors as well. Hackers usually target businesses that can get suffer severe reputation damage. Downtime of any kind for internet gaming operators can have severe ramifications. If games are not available for a longer period of time then players are likely to visit any other site for spending their money and playing games. A recent survey of 100 UK businesses showed that 47% of IT managers in large companies has experienced a DDoS attack during the past year. In all cases the motive for attack was extortion.

Internet gaming is a booming market and highly competitive in nature. DDoS attacks can easily lead players to other sites since the tolerance for the downtime in sites is extremely low amongst internet gamblers. Ransom demands amounting to thousands of pounds and according to experts most of the attacks originate in Eastern Europe. In the past, a lot many DDoS attacks have been successful and lucrative for cyber extortionists. Some gaming organizations consider ransom demands as a cost of doing business. And, companies that pay ransom – there is no guarantee that they will not be targeted again. Paying off the ransom will make you even more vulnerable to the DDoS attacks. In the past few years, cyber criminals have become really vulnerable to the attacks.

In fact, in the past few years cyber criminals have become more sophisticated and it is really hard for IT departments to keep up with the latest hacking technologies and tactics. Some gaming companies even hire gaming specialists that can ward off the attackers. Some companies depend upon firewalls to keep them safe, however there are some old firewalls that have been designed in a manner that they cannot ward off such attacks. Security companies are trying their level best to protect businesses from hackers and they most of the time they have been successful.



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