Bingo and Marriage Combined to Help Vander Deer Botanical Park


Bingo games have always been described in various aspects. And, even the games have contributed in a range of aspects as well. Recently, the games have done something really interesting. This glamorous game got themed with a bridal bingo celebration where in hundreds of future brides and their families gathered in the Hotel Blackhawk’s Gold room. The funds raised from this event would be donated to Vander Deer Botanical Park to take care of the benefits of this park.

The celebration was something like getting along together for an afternoon tea and at the same time also taking a break from the stresses of the wedding preparations. The fun was also teamed up with prizes that could help the married couples lighten the load of the wedding preparations like the pricey wedding purchases, photography purchases, flowers and linens.

Brides and bingo games seem to be a very unusual combination but the organizers could manage to make it excellent. There were statements given out like – a match is made in heaven. The organizers stated that the proceeds of the event will be helped to fund the ongoing education programs, park projects and also a new conservatory. Christine Van Vooren said that “We want to get brides into the park, and it was just a fun event to raise a lot of money”.

Never imagined, this glamorous game could come up with something like this! Bingo has always been a glamorous game to play for all.



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