888 Connects the Fun of Bingo on Facebook

888 Connects the Fun of Bingo on Facebook

Good news for bingo fans! It is easy to get connected with the fun of your favourite games anytime through Facebook. As long as big brands exist in the gaming arena, players can be relaxed about the fun of enjoying their favourite games.

The connection of new activities at social networking sites and the online gaming industry is the new trend in the block. Often, we get to hear of bingo sites introducing new apps and facilitating the fun of gaming in a better manner.

At present it is the online gaming giant 888 that is ready to launch its real cash gambling App on Facebook. This will allow 888 to offer real cash bingo, slot and even casino games to the UK players through the social networking site. With this App, you can connect with the fun of bingo games even in the midst of a chat with your friend or may be whilst you just cannot find anything to do before you sleep. Anytime and anywhere, bingo fun snaps into your fingers in just clicks.

The first product to go live will be called the Bingo Appy- it’s a bingo app that will offer players the fun of casino and slot gaming. After Gamesys, 888 will be the second gaming operator to offer real money games on Facebook. Itai Frieberger COO of 888 stated that: 888 have been recognized for its potentiality in social gaming. And, Facebook fermium offerings have given them a significant audience and they are very excited for this opportunity to offer real money games on Facebook.

Adding to this, Julien Codorniou the head of European gaming partnerships for Facebook said that: Facebook is a great platform to join along with your friends and they were really pleased to work along with 888 as the brand already has a strong reputation in terms of quality and safe gaming offered to players.

Well, then gamers, head over to Facebook soon and have a blast playing your favourite games!



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